Dr John Eloff - Treatment of Snoring, Mild Sleep Apnea and Invisalign

Dr. John Eloff

Dr. John Eloff


Dr John Eloff has had a successful orthodontic practice in Wynberg since 1980 and has decided to limit his practice to the treatment of snoring and invisible braces.

Dr Eloffs’ interest in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea was stimulated by Dr Ricky Raine in 1994. Dr Raine is an ENT specialist and pulmologist who at that time ran the sleep laboratory at Groot Schuur. On one of their weekend runs he asked Dr Eloff if he was treating snoring patients as he noted that the orthodontic literature had articles on the treatment of snoring. He stimulated and encouraged Dr Eloff to read the literature and his first 10 patients were referred to him by Dr Raine.

About Dr. John Eloff

The appliance Dr Eloff used at that time was the NAPA (Nocturnal Airway Patency Appliance). This was a hard acrylic appliance with wire claps to hold the appliance in the mouth with a tube like projection out of the mouth for air. It was very uncomfortable and none of the patients managed to use it for any length of time.

Since then the appliance has undergone several changes to the one in use today. One of Dr Eloffs’ first patients, Mr John H had an appliance made in New Zeeland and with his help and encouragement we made him the first of the improved “SnoreX” appliances. Proguard, a company that manufactures sports mouth guard materiel and Raintree a company that produces plastic material for orthodontic retainers was of help in the further development of the appliance we use today. Today we use a “dual laminate” plastic which has an outer plastic layer and rubber inner layer.

Dr John Eloff presented a paper at the Durban Sleep Conference on his appliance and the treatment of snoring. He is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (www.aadsm.org), South African Society of Sleep Medicine and a member of the South African Society of Orthodontists (www.saso.co.za). Dr Eloff keeps abreast of the latest developments in the treatment of snoring in order to give his patients the most up to date dental treatment for snoring. He has 18 years experience in this field and have decided to focus in future on dental sleep medicine.

Annual American Orthodontic Congress (San Francisco)

Lectures Attended on Sleep Apnea

  • Dr Conley: But wait…..I don’t see pediatric sleep apnea patients…or do I?
  • Dr Kluemper: Understanding the classification, etiology and treatment of sleep apnea
  • Dr Legan: Lessons learned in 35 years of treating obstructive sleep apnea
  • Dr Alan Lowe: Non-surgical management of obstructive sleep apnea
  • Dr Kasey Li: Surgical management of obstructive sleep apnea

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