Dr John Eloff - Treatment of Snoring, Mild Sleep Apnea and Invisalign

Snoring & Quality Sleep


I would like to stress the occupational health of people who are not getting enough quality of sleep. Excessive sleepiness is a fairly common in the general population. This has a very important effect on their work and private life.

Many people do not realise that they are not getting enough quality sleep and are unaware of the severe consequences. These are;

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Slower reaction time
  • Prone to make mistakes

Lack of sleep may also lead to microsleep. This is when one falls asleep for brief moments even when you are awake, for example when driving, listening to a lecture, at the cinema, watching TV or reading

Lack of sleep can affect all kinds of occupations including

  • Truck drivers
  • Taxi drivers
  • Train drivers
  • Pilots
  • Healthcare workers
  • Students
  • Lawyers
  • Mechanics
  • Assembly line workers
  • And others

Studies have shown that a good night’s sleep improves;

  • Learning
  • Playing the piano
  • Perfecting a golf swing (most sports)
  • Problem solving
  • Attention
  • Making decisions
  • Creativity

Studies have also shown that poor quality of sleep can lead to;

  • Industrial accidents
  • Reduced work performance
  • Difficulty in making decisions and problem solving
  • Controlling emotions
  • Risk taking behaviour
  • Depression

Poor quality of sleep has played a role in human errors linked to tragic accidents in the work place, at home and on the roads. Research has shown that sleeping less than 7-8 hours per night or poor quality of sleep has also been associated with health risks



First is to establish the underlying cause

It must be determined weather sleepiness is

  1. a result of sleep behaviour or environment
  2. a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea
  3. snoring
  4. other medical conditions

Your doctor may want further tests or a sleep study known as a Polysomnogram ( http://sleepfoundation.org/excessivesleepiness/content/how-does-sleep-study-work)

Treatment includes

  1. Changing your sleep environment
  2. Stress management
  3. Treatment of snoring
  4. Treatment of sleep apnea

Often the most effective treatment for sleep apnea is a continuous positive airway pressure machine (CPAP)


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