Dr John Eloff - Treatment of Snoring, Mild Sleep Apnea and Invisalign

Frequently Asked Questions

Will medical aids pay for my treatment?

We try and assist you to get the maximum benefit from your medical aid. Some medical aids pay a large percentage of the treatment while others pay nothing at all. Best would be to contact your medical aid and find out directly from them.

Are these appliances comfortable?

Initially some patients report tenderness of the teeth and jaws, excess saliva flow and teeth do not meet as usual on waking. These problems usually subside after a month or sooner. Initially the appliance feels tight on the teeth, but one very quickly gets used to this.

How soon can treatment be started?

The first appointment is a consultation appointment and this will be within a week or two. If at this time you decide to start treatment, impressions are taken for the appliance. In 2-7 days an appointment is made for the bite registration and 2-7 days later the appliance placed.

Are there any possible complications?

Besides the initial discomfort studies have shown that long-term therapy may result in permanent alterations in the bite. This could improve the bite.  In some patients the bite is improved, joint symptoms are relieved and headaches disappear.

How does a dental appliance work?

The jaw is held in a more forward position during sleep and the airway in the back of the throat opens up. As a result, the annoying vibration or snoring stops and peaceful sleep can resume.

What are Dr John Eloff's qualifications?

Dr Eloff has subscribed to journals and accumulated text books, attended conferences and given presentations on snoring and sleep apnea. Dr Eloff has been treating patients who snore since 1997. He has treated several hundred patients. Dr Eloff has stopped his orthodontic practice to concentrate and treat only snoring and mild sleep apnea patients.

Getting started with the Snorex Oral Appliance

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