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Snorex Oral Appliance Bookings – NEW PATIENTS

For patients who haven’t had an oral appliance choose:

Patient Type: New

Reason: Initial Consultation

Choose this option to reserve a 45 minute appointment with Dr. John Eloff. We will send a confirmation text in the days prior to your appointment. One of our team members will contact you prior to attending your initial consultation. This call is a great opportunity to discuss you or your partner’s symptoms with one of our experienced team members and to give you a thorough understanding of what you can expect.

More information on getting started can be found here.

Snorex Oral Appliance Bookings – EXISTING PATIENTS

For patients who have an oral appliance / or have been in for an initial consultation before, choose:

Patient Type: Existing

Reason: Review with Service

Review: Choose this option for your yearly review appointment if you believe your oral appliance doesn’t require servicing.
Review (with service): Choose this option for your yearly review appointment, if you believe your oral appliance does require servicing.
Oral Appliance Servicing: If your oral appliance is in need of servicing or a repair at anytime throughout the year please call us on 021 761 2511 or email jpeortho@iafrica.com.


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It’s easy and FAST to book your appointment online with Dr Eloff's Snoring Treatments. Fill out the form below and we will contact you during our working hours. If you have a dental emergency, please call 082 336 3970.

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    There is a large car park conveniently situated off Maynard Road (one way up from Main Road)  – best approached from Church Street and into Glaren Road.

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    Dr John Eloff - Snoring Treatments

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